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Conceived, designed, developed and manufactured by AB, BIOCH4NGE® is a highly efficient and advanced technology for the production of renewable natural gas from biogas incorporating all sources from biomass, WWT and OFMSW.

The expertise acquired through decades of continued advancements in manufacturing & maintaining energy plants in the global cogeneration and biogas sectors has culminated in a compact, modular, flexible, and highly scalable containerized system. BIOCH4NGE® recovers and converts the gases produced through anaerobic digestion into carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly RNG that can be used to power vehicles, businesses, and homes. This valuable resource recovered from waste materials is suitable for feeding directly into the gas grid, compressed or liquefied for vehicle fuel or for further transportation and storage.

BIOCH4NGE® is an advanced biogas-to-RNG upgrading system that allows your company to participate in a truly circular economy and achieve sustainability goals to reduce your global carbon footprint today.


the resource of the future

RNG is a renewable energy source that is the energy equivalent of geological natural gas in every way, but without increasing carbon emissions. With over 97% pure methane, it can be fed directly into the natural gas grid, transported by road, and even compressed or liquified for vehicle fuel or storage.

Organic materials that would otherwise end up as waste material in landfills, can be digested to produce biogas, with the remaining organic ‘sludge’ put to use as a fertilizer. Upgrading the biogas to RNG removes impurities such as CO2 that are capable of being re-used as well. This creates an environmentally friendly cycle, with RNG at the forefront.

Change starts
with AB

BIOCH4NGE® is a turnkey solution created and offered by AB, the global leader in the entire life cycle of both biogas and methane cogeneration and energy plants.

Producing RNG from biogas derived from the anaerobic digestion of otherwise waste materials, such as biomass, agri-food waste, livestock manure, organic refuse, and wastewater helps to ensure that critical and ambitious GHG targets are successfully met.


Changing Perspectives – Upgrading with BIOCH4NGE®

A clean and renewable energy source derived from otherwise waste materials, biogas produced through anaerobic digestion is full of water, CO2 and other pollutants that must be removed to generate grid-suitable natural gas equivalent RNG.

The first step in the BIOCH4NGE® process removes the water in the biogas through a purpose-designed chilled water exchanger. The dehumidified gas is further compressed and cooled by a secondary exchanger and proceeds to the next treatment stage.

The pre-treated gas passes through an exchangeable filtration media under optimal pressure and temperature conditions which further removes pollutants like H2S and VOCs. The lead-lag configuration provides maximum flexibility through a series of valves enabling inverted flows and bypass as required. This ensures a reliable and stable provision of pre-treated gas for the third stage membrane module.

Compressed to 8-9 PSI, the gas is now directed through several stages of membranes separating the CO2 from the methane. This process takes advantage of an optimized energy demand design with low power consumption, allowing for maximum efficiency in recovering the CH4 from the biogas.

Product range aimed at this target


Industrial product

BIOCH4NGE® is designed and manufactured completely in-house by AB. It is pre-assembled at our Orzinuovi production facility for testing and functionality assurance prior to shipping to the installation site.

Modular outdoor solution

BIOCH4NGE® is suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions.
With a containerized outdoor design and a range of sizes, it guarantees the highest exibility in applications.

Compactness & Flexible

Engineered with a modular and compact system design, BIOCH4NGE® is exible in its sizing and can easily scale for future expansions.


With AB’s factory pre-assembly process, installation is quick with no on-site fabrication required.


BIOCH4NGE® is a flexible solution, both in terms of the quality requirements of the gas produced and the residual gas emitted into the atmosphere; in combination with secondary AB systems it ensures signi cant elimination of CH4 emissions to the atmosphere.

Remote control

BIOCH4NGE® is equipped with a centralized monitoring and supervision system, manufactured and managed by AB, which enables remote access of all system parameters and related production processes.

Full service “Protection Plan”

AB provides 24/7 assistance, 365 days a year through our always present control center. Our full service “Protection Plan” allows for remote monitoring and provides access to a global network of highly experienced technicians, as well as a worldwide network of warehouses for original spare parts.


BIOCH4NGE® easily integrates with ECOMAX® cogeneration plants to provide a fully sustainable clean energy plant.


Synergy in Energy Provision

Thanks to AB’s CH4LNG liquefaction system, which is fully compatible with BIOCH4NGE®, we’ve streamlined obtaining easily transportable liquid RNG. The heart of the process is the cryo-cooler, based on Stirling Cryogenics technology, an alternative system to generate cooling power by compressing and expanding helium in a closed cycle.

CH4LNG takes full advantage of our modular, containerized, and flexible design engineering, and perfectly complements our value chain of ECOMAX and BIOCH4NGE for your clean energy needs.  Also available for small sizes, with competitive CAPEX and OPEX even for small-size RNG plants, CH4LNG offers ease-of-install with quick, plug-in operations and no N2 consumption.

Efficient Membranes

AB’s scalable and flexible membrane design and low-power consumption requirements stand out in providing beneficial RNG and maintaining economical suitability. BIOCH4NGE® utilizes multi-stage membranes consisting of specially developed polymeric materials with a selective permeability to efficiently separate methane from CO2 with very little loss.

The specialized membrane configuration not only ensures optimized RNG production, but also addresses the necessity of limiting further emissions to the atmosphere in the process. With an extremely high rate of CH4 recovery and very low off-gas contaminants, BIOCH4NGE® ensures an environmentally friendly approach in reducing carbon footprints.

Amongst the many attributes, BIOCH4NGE® has no need for external heat, nor does it require additional resources such as water, chemicals or a substantial energy input. In fact, heat can be recovered from BIOCH4NGE® and recycled back to the digester to improve the overall functionality of the processing plant.

In economically viable situations, the CO2 can be recovered and used for industrial or even food-grade purposed, further enhancing the resource recovery potential of BIOCH4NGE®.

Packaged and expandable, BIOCH4NGE® is a modular, flexible and highly scalable RNG Upgrading plant with tomorrow’s requirements already in mind today.

Selective polymeric material

permeating CO2,
retained CH4

Membranes in parallel



No consumable 
or hazardous chemicals

Variable pressure and/or n° of membranes


Optimised process

Limited energy consumption

Low plant cost

Also for medium/small-sized installations


Video gallery

360° of the plant

360° of the plant

Visit to a BIOCH4NGE® plant for biomethane production

Visit to a BIOCH4NGE® plant for biomethane production



Facts and figures AB

Facts and figures AB

Facility tour

Facility tour

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Service that makes all the difference

AB Service is proud to provide dedicated service and maintenance to all our energy plants though a global network of specialized technicians. With over 310 field technicians around the world responsible for the safe and reliable maintenance of over 1,250 plants, our “Full Service” rapid response teams are active and at your service 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

We maintain an advanced and centralized control room with remote access to all plants, providing monitoring and supervision services of all system parameters at any time of the day.

AB’s more than 30 years of experience and specialization in energy needs, provide your plant with an optimal performance and an assured return on your investment – both in the plant and the environment.

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